Day 7: The Big Picture

Day 7: The Big Picture

At the end of each year, I review my current business year and plan for the next one.

I have a lot of energy for some of the exciting things I have lined up for 2024. And there’s still room for other interesting projects I can’t foresee yet.

It’s what makes running your own business so rewarding. You can shape your years, months, weeks, and days to be just how you want them. It’s satisfying.


In this seven-day look at What’s in Store for ’24, the business edition, I’ve written about what I love working on and will do more of in the new year.

Even beyond what I’ve written about in this series, I also have background writing about HR, healthcare, banking, investments, and fintech, ancestry, moving, and more.

But here’s the big picture: I’ve gotten to the point in my career where I don’t just grab at any potential work that happens by. I’m able to choose the jobs I take based on whether or not they fit my business plan.

And an important part of my business plan is that I choose to work with people who are friendly and easy to deal with, because that makes my work days enjoyable.

In return, I am those things, too. I’m pleasant to talk with, ask good questions about assignments so I can do a great job, and keep in touch as needed. I get the work done well and on time.

Do you have a project coming up I might be a good match for? Or if you’d like to plan ahead with a get-to-know-you chat, I enjoy meeting new people and would be happy to hear from you and set up a call. Email me at

Here’s to a great 2024!

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