Day 5: Infographics, Case Studies, and White Papers

Day 5: Infographics, Case Studies, and White Papers

I enjoy writing infographics, case studies, and white papers, and I’ll do more of these in 2024.


Why do I like these?

I like infographics because they use a whole different part of your brain. They make you think about how to present facts in a visual, graphic way rather than always in words. So many words! (Fortunately, I also like words.)

Here’s an example of an infographic I did for Barclay’s Investment Bank: From bricks to clicks: Food retail goes omni-channel.

Case studies are fun because it’s interesting to tell a story really well while following a specific format. (What was the problem? How did they solve it? What were the results?)

Here’s a case study I wrote about a hotel that transitioned from corporate to independent ownership: Hotel Zamora

• As for white papers, they are longer and more involved, and sometimes it’s satisfying to sink your teeth into a big project and do a really good job.

Here’s a white paper I wrote: Course Correction – How Technology is Reshaping Foodservice. (Email me if you’d like to see this full white paper).

Let me know if you need someone to write infographics, case studies, or white papers. I’m always happy to talk and see if we might be a good fit.

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