Day 6: Content Strategy

Day 6: Content Strategy

Content is king. We — you and me — are all about the content.

In 2024, I plan to do more content strategy plans and strategic consulting, which I enjoy. I like helping businesses ensure their content is on-target and seen by the right people at the right time. That’s one way a business achieves its goals.


From HubSpot: “A content strategy is the planning, creation, publication, management, and governance of content. A great content strategy will attract and engage a target audience, meeting their needs while driving business goals.”

Content strategy plans take your business goals into account. They can include a partial or complete content audit, competitor audit, target audience analysis, content marketing strategy, and implementation plan. They might include a plan to improve (or implement) SEO, an audit of your website’s messaging and user experience, a brand voice package, and more.

I’ll personalize my work on your company’s content plan. For instance, maybe my study of your existing content finds gaps. I can create a tailored content plan to fill those gaps for better results. Perhaps you need a carefully planned schedule for new content to take you through your next six months upcoming campaigns. I can create that, too.

There are a lot of components to good content strategy, and I can help you figure out which ones you need help with.

Once I’ve completed your content strategy plan, your in-house employees can run with it. Don’t have the staffing for that right now? I might be able to help with content marketing writing or refer you to another highly qualified content writer who specializes in writing about your industry. That’s up to you.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss content strategy further. I’d be happy to get on a call and see if we might be a good match.

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