Day 4: Copyediting Books

Day 4: Copyediting Books

Copyediting is one of my superpowers, and it’s another area I’ll continue focusing on in 2024.


I copyedit books for self-publishing authors and occasionally for publishing houses.

There’s no shame in self-publishing, but you do need to hire a professional editor who knows how to edit a book for publication. There’s much more to copyediting than just checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Good copyeditors also review the manuscript for word usage, repetition, dialogue tags, point of view, tense shifts, and more. They fact-check as needed and ensure your copy is consistent by following an appropriate style guide. They make sure your language is right and the text reads clearly and flows.

Here are some comments I’ve gotten from clients whose books I’ve edited:

  • Thank you for your help on this project! Your work is first class. I think you’re awesome.
  • I must say I am absolutely impressed with your thorough work. Thank you again for doing this for me.

When someone contacts me for copyediting, I generally do a complimentary edit of perhaps three pages. That lets the potential client see what my edit would look like if we proceed and helps me prepare a quote.

Do you need your book copyedited before you self-publish? I also copyedit other types of writing projects. I’d be happy to discuss your copyediting needs and see if we might work well together.

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