Book Copyediting

Leslie Lang copyedits books for authors who are self-publishing and for small presses.Proper editing sets professional authors apart from amateurs.

I’m referring to having your manuscript copyedited, not by your well-meaning spouse who’s an English teacher but by a professional who knows how to edit for publication.

Copyediting means editing your work, line by line, for word usage, spelling, punctuation, grammar, voice, tone, formatting, and anything else it needs. A good copyeditor also ensures your manuscript follows style guides and is consistent.

Skip the copyediting, and you’ll turn off many readers. They won’t continue past the first few errors but will just put down your book and move on.

I offer excellent copyediting services for the manuscript you plan to self-publish at Amazon or elsewhere. I’ve edited many fiction and non-fiction books for individuals and a small publishing house.

I make sure your writing is ready to be published.

Here’s how I work:

First, I’ll do a free edit of 3-5 pages. That serves two purposes:

  1. It lets you see my edits, so you’ll know if you want to work together.
  2. It helps me estimate the fee.

When I send you the complimentary sample edit, I’ll also send a quote and let you know when I can have your edited manuscript back to you (generally within two weeks).

Here’s some feedback I’ve gotten on my copyediting work:

Thank you for your help on this project! Your work is first class. I think you’re awesome.

I must say I am absolutely impressed with your thorough work. Thank you again for doing this for me.

I really have to hand it to you, Leslie. You are excellent at taking my words and rearranging them so that the meaning is as precise as possible from clause to clause. So often I had no idea there was a more specific or truthful way to arrange the sentence. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed. – Valerie Wicks, author

Need a copyeditor? Email me: leslie@leslielang.com