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Freelance Tech Content Marketing Writer in the Snow

I’m just back from what we dubbed the Extreme Winter Tour 2019. I live and work (as a freelance tech content marketing writer) in Hawaii, and my daughter had never been in the snow, so we decided to take a two-part, snowy winter vacation. Full effect! First, we spent what …

Book Review: ‘Reunion, A Search for Ancestors,’ by Ryan Littrell

I was hooked early on by a passage in Reunion about looking at a photograph of two nineteenth-century ancestors; that passage almost could have been pulled out of my own head. I think about things like this. Do you?

Personal Historian

Have you dreamed about recording a parent’s story? Or about writing your family’s history, and the path it took over the decades—now, while your grandparents can still tell you what they know? How about documenting the history of a company you built up from nothing, or recording the life of a long-beloved family home? This is where a personal historian comes in.