Freelance Tech Content Marketing Writer in the Snow

I’m just back from what we dubbed the Extreme Winter Tour 2019. I live and work (as a freelance tech content marketing writer) in Hawaii, and my daughter had never been in the snow, so we decided to take a two-part, snowy winter vacation. Full effect! First, we spent what …

Book Review: ‘Reunion, A Search for Ancestors,’ by Ryan Littrell

I was hooked early on by a passage in Reunion about looking at a photograph of two nineteenth-century ancestors; that passage almost could have been pulled out of my own head. I think about things like this. Do you?

Personal Historian

Have you dreamed about recording a parent’s story? Or about writing your family’s history, and the path it took over the decades – now, while your grandparents can still tell you what they know? How about documenting the history of a company you built up from nothing, or recording the life of a long-beloved family home?

This is where a personal historian comes in.

Remembering & Being Remembered

“The recently departed whose time overlapped with people still here are the Sasha, the living dead. They are not wholly dead, for they live on in the memories of the living … when the last person knowing an ancestor dies, that ancestor leaves the Sasha for the Zamani, the dead.”