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My Words Are Gonna Linger – Personal Histories

My Words Are Gonna Linger – Personal Histories

It’s one of my new writing interests, and something I’ve almost always been fascinated by (my uncle once told me I was born a genealogist) — I’m starting to write personal and family histories for people, in order to help preserve some of the great stories people carry around with them.


I have joined the Association of Personal Historians, which recently launched an anthology of 49 true stories out into the world. From the My Words Are Gonna Linger press release:

New anthology captures stories from real life, told in the authentic voices of the storyteller

TAMPA, FLA February 12, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — The passion for sharing personal stories is not only the most powerful way to pass on the experiences, wisdom and voices of one generation to the next—it’s an expression of a deep human need to shout to the future, “Do not forget me! I was here!”

A new anthology, My Words Are Gonna Linger: The Art of Personal History, celebrates the preservation of stories to ensure that our eyewitness accounts of history endure. Available February 1 from Personal History Press, the publishing arm of the Association of Personal Historians, the book differs from other anthologies by providing insight into the memoir-writing process and practical tips on how to start writing your own or someone else’s life story. Read more.

I have been hearing about this book and I’m eager to get my own copy. I thought I’d let you know about it, too.



  1. Leslie, what a great idea!

    I have already lost family members that my children and grandchildren will never know. Once I am gone, their stories will be gone too if I do not document them, as will many of my own. These are precious stories for the future generations and the world at large in some cases.

    Bravo for you.


  2. punafish

    Hey, great blog Leslie. Glad I found it (thanks to Damon).

    I grew up in a family of storytellers (it’s the Irish blarney 🙂 Telling stories is such a powerful way to communicate. It all begins with telling personal stories–and I love doing that–but it’s so important to capture stories about loved ones as well. You just inspired some ideas for future posts.



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