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Why Personal History Projects Are Important

Why Personal History Projects Are Important

This documentary video of a woman telling her grandfather’s story is well worth a watch.

In it, Jonna Doolittle Hoppes gives a presentation on the WWII event named for her grandfather, the “Jimmy Doolittle Raid,” at the Historic Flight Foundation.

It’s an interesting story in itself; a fascinating piece of history. But at the beginning and end of the video, she really captures why personal history projects matter.

She nails why we should take the time to tell our stories, whether we connect with a personal historian who will put that story into book or video form, jot it down ourselves, or send it as a series of letters to the grandchildren.

I’m glad I got to see this.



  1. It is so important to learn from the past. Technology seems to build upon itself but I think we could do so much better when it comes to the lessons of simply living everyday life as human beings in this world. Therefore, document and learn 🙂

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