Other People Named Leslie Lang


I want to be clear that the person in the video is not me. I know somebody will miss that! It’s not. This is a post about someone else whose name is Leslie Lang.

The other day I wrote about a standup comic who lives in San Jose and has the same name as me, and then she saw the post and emailed me! 

And she sent me a link to her comedy act on YouTube, which is, indeed, funny. I enjoyed it.

I like her and we’ve been emailing back and forth and it’s WEIRD. I keep almost missing her emails in my box, first of all, because they just look like they’re copies of emails that I sent out. How weird is that to get emails from someone with the exact same name as you?

She’s making a website right now and told me she bought the domain name “leslielangisfunny.com,” which I like, because if someone Googles me and sees that, even if they eventually realize it’s not me, the idea will be there that I’m funny. I told her I’ll link to her on my leslielang.com site, and she said she’ll do the same.  

And then I had the idea that it would be fun to have a little section on my site where all I do is link to people name Leslie Lang. “For Leslie Lang, the stand-up comic in San Jose, click here.” “For Leslie Lang, the AP medical writer on the East Coast, click here.” Etc. It’s the least I could do, having nabbed the “leslielang.com” site and all.

So if any other Leslie Langs happen to end up here, please feel free to be introduce yourselves, so to speak, further confusing and astounding me.

By the way, I was talking about this and mentioned that the other Leslie Lang is starting her own website called “Leslie Lang is Funny,” and my five-year-old daughter said, “You are the Leslie Lang that is funny!”

My husband suggested that we could have a reunion of all the Leslie Langs, and I thought it would be really funny if we all wore nametags that read “Leslie Lang.” And all the husbands could have tags that said, “Mr. Leslie Lang.” And our little girl would wear one that said, “Leslie Lang’s daughter.”

She (Leslie Lang) also mentioned that she considered moving to Hawai‘i a couple years ago, and I wrote back that I had a small anxiety attack when I read that because I would like to be the Leslie Lang here. But then I told her that after I thought more about it, I realized that she too is about building up her name, for her comedy, and two people working on building name recognition FOR THE SAME NAME would be great!

Anyway, the whole thing is really strange but kind of fun. But strange.

But fun.