Leslie Lang ‘R Us

I have a Google Alert set up for my name (do you?) and today I got an alert about how great I was when I did my comedy improv act in San Jose recently. 

I, um, don’t do comedy improv (maybe some occasional, unintentional slapstick), nor do I frequent San Jose. But I’m glad to hear it was enjoyable.

Isn’t it strange to find other people with YOUR name? Maybe somebody named Steve Smith is used to it. But I don’t think my name is all that common, so when I occasionally stumble across another Leslie Lang, it feels so odd. Does anybody have any interesting stories about coming across someone else with their same  name?


(If that Leslie Lang in San Jose has a Google Alert on her/our name, and runs across this post, wouldn’t that be a little freaky for her?)



  1. Gee Leslie, I had no idea you were going to change your template and when I first got here I thought someone had hijacked your web site! All I saw was a bit about you doing your comedy act.. of course that was just at first glance. Once I adjsted my eyes to the new look, I read further and saw it was indeed your site. Looks like you have been even busier than I thought!


  2. Actually, there is another RJ Mendoza who plays the drums and was featured in fbiblogs.com.

    There are also about thirty two million other RJ Mendozas living somewhere between the United States, Mexico, and the Phillippines.

    Using my full legal name, I was given a very high rate quote for auto insurance due to a March 2005 traffic citation given to me while driving along the H-1 freeway between Waipahu and Pearl City.

    In March 2005, I was living in New York City.


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