Hamakua Springs: The Blog

One of my jobs these days is to blog for Hamakua Springs Country Farms, a 600-acre, progressive hydroponic farm here on the Big Island.

We started that blog more than two years ago. That’s when the farm’s owner, Richard Ha, hired me to create a website, and then a blog, for Hamakua Springs. My husband Macario, a photographer, did all that website’s photography, and that’s how he and I got to know Richard and June.

The blog is called “Ha Ha Ha!,” which is meant to represent the three generations of the Ha family who farm there. We have some fun with the blog while also tackling some big topics.

Richard and I have posted to his blog three times a week for more than two years now, and it is one of my absolute favorite gigs. He is a gem to work with. He is an amazing person who is using his very successful business not merely to make as much money as possible, but to do good for his community. That sentence may sound trite, but know that I don’t at all write it lightly.

Here is just one recent example. There are many, many others.

It is such a rare pleasure to work with Richard Ha. He is truly a man of character and he radiates ethics in everything he does. I know he doesn’t realize how much I’ve learned from him — about business, about community and relationships, about life. He is one of the best people I have ever met and I am honored to be a part of his trusted team.


Do You Use Google Alerts?


Google Alerts

I have a Google alert set up, which is how I knew that the L.A. Times just published an article on Mauna Kea, and that it mentions the book I co-authored with David Byrne (the one who is not of the Talking Heads).

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Mauna Kea — One of the best books on Mauna Kea, written by Onizuka Visitor Information Station manager David Byrne and Big Island writer Leslie Lang, is Mauna Kea: A Guide to Hawaii’s Sacred Mountain, published by Watermark Publishing (tel. 866/900-BOOK; www.bookshawaii.net). The book has everything from the cultural history of the sacred mountain to her natural history, even great insights on the scientific value of the dormant volcano. Plus, the authors give you valuable tips on how to make the most of your visit to truly one of the wonders of the world.

Do you use Google alerts? They can be an incredible tool.

When I’m researching something to write about, I’ll set up a Google alert for awhile on that topic. It is very handy, and efficient, to receive an email with just about everything that’s recently been written on a topic.

I also have a handful of others set up — on my name (in quotation marks), and on each of my book titles. I like to know where these phrases pop up around the web. And I have a couple alerts set up for topics I like to follow.

It takes only seconds to set up a Google Alert. Try it!