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How (and Why) I Will Finish Writing a Novel in 2019

    Why make it a goal to finish writing a novel? The quote below explains why Wyl Menmuir and I are into the whole novel-finishing thing. Q:What made you decide to start a novel? Wyl: I read somewhere that action tends to happen when the fear of not doing …

New Year’s Goal: Finish My Writing Projects in 2019

2019 is going to be the year I “Make It Happen.” I am going to finish some personal writing projects I’ve been working on for way too long without completing. And I’m going to¬†finally take each to its next steps. I’m also going to do it “out loud.” I’m going to write here about how I get all these big goals to the finish line.

Thumbs Up to Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

I’ve discovered a fairly new podcast, 21st Century Creative, by the British “creative entrepreneur” Mark McGuinness. There are just 10 episodes online so far, and I am blazing through them. Between breakfast and sitting down to my desk this morning, as I quickly scrubbed the walls behind the old refrigerator …

New Writing Goals: Set in Concrete

Two days after we returned from our last-minute, end-of-summer vacation, my daughter was back in school and I was back to work with some new writing goals. I settled back into my home office with the renewed vigor and enthusiasm that comes of going out into the world and experiencing …

Hitting ‘Send’ on Book Manuscript

These descendants are now, more than 100 years later, about to have a huge family reunion, and will have this book available for any of the many, many descendants who want to learn more about how their family came to be. There’s information in this book that I’d wager most of them – or maybe even all of them – don’t know. We dug pretty deep to find some of it.

The Sound of Kids Chattering in Hawaiian

I had forgotten about writing this editorial about kids speaking Hawaiian, but stumbled upon it online today (while looking for something else). It was a long time ago. In fact, I wrote this article during the first year I was freelancing as a writer. The newspaper I wrote it for, …