Blue Skies


This is for all the people who live in parts of the country where it’s still snowing. The people who get to wear fluffy jackets and furry hats, and sip hot chocolate by the fireplace, and who take wild sled rides down the hill when the family all gathers for Christmas…. But who just may be a little bit tired of it about now.

Hang in there!



  1. Linda Heu

    All I can say is “you are absolutely incredible” and so talented. I started reading and could not stop!
    Nancy Beggin and I were talking about you yesterday – very nice stuff, of course and how jealous we are that you are living the dream life in your Grandma’s house on the Big Island!
    Aloha – so nice to see you in print!
    BTW… love your facebook entries too.

    1. Leslie Lang

      Linda, what nice comments! Thank you so much. It’s very nice to “see you” again! It’s been so many years…. You guys talked about me yesterday? My ears didn’t even burn. I must get them checked.

      Thanks again.

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